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We serve adult residents of Ottawa County, Michigan.


    READ Ottawa’s Literacy Tutoring Services

    • Completely FREE
    • One-on-one tutoring to adults ages 18+
    • Private & confidential
    • Trained tutors have over 8 hours of training per year using a research-based curriculum, ProLiteracy and continuing education from experienced educators.
    • English literacy workbooks are provided to tutors and adult learners
    • Transportation to tutoring sessions (with a signed waiver)
    • Flexibility to schedule tutoring sessions around the tutor & learner’s schedules
    • Access to additional reading and learning materials
    • Referrals for additional community support such as eyewear, childcare, etc.
    • Referrals for additional educational support such as adult education programs for continued training and learning opportunities.


    ​READ Ottawa provides one-on-one tutoring to adults who may need additional help with literacy, which may or may not include: individuals with learning disabilities or difficulties, individuals who never had opportunities to enhance their literacy skills, individuals who have always struggled with reading and wish to maintain their learned skills, or English as a Second Language (ESL) learners.

    GED Test Preparation

    ​READ Ottawa tutors can provide additional help to learners who may be seeking to pass the General Education Development (GED) test.

    Financial Literacy

    Some READ Ottawa tutors can provide tutoring in basic mathematics to assist with basic budgeting and other finance skills to help with financial stability.

    High School Diploma

    READ Ottawa tutors can assist any learners age 18 or above in studying for various content to obtain their High School Diploma.

    Community Involvement

    READ Ottawa’s tutors can help learners be more involved in their local community by introducing them to volunteer opportunities, helping them join classes, and sharing opportunities to participate in community events.

    Speaking Skills

    ​READ Ottawa tutors will also work with learners to enhance their fluency in English speaking skills.

    U.S. Citizenship Test Preparation

    ​READ Ottawa tutors can work with learners who may have a desire to take and pass the U.S. Citizenship Test. We also provide learning materials.

    Michigan Driver’s License Test
    (written portion only)

    READ Ottawa tutors can work with learners that are pursuing their Michigan Driver’s License with support for the written test and assistance navigating the Secretary of State.

    Family Literacy Skills

    READ Ottawa tutors provide learners with the ability to be better readers to their children and grandchildren, better help their children with homework, and attend parent-teacher conferences with confidence.

    Workforce Assistance

    READ Ottawa can help learners apply for and obtain a job to enter the workforce by assisting with application preparation, resume creation, and interview coaching. Tutors can help learners improve their current career by assisting them with enrollment to higher education institutions.