English as a First Language

Pro-literacy Education Network
This site provides free online course to tutors as well as techniques and strategies. There are also some opportunities for students to practice skills and prepare for tests as well.

Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.
This site has a wide range of tutorials available in video format or readable lessons.

English as a Second Language

English Guide
Resources for learning English, vocabulary, listening, references, grammar etc.

The Internet Picture Dictionary
A free, multilingual picture dictionary designed for students and beginning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian language learners of all ages.

USA Learns
This site has video lessons and 1000’s of activities to learn English speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar.

Mango Languages’ software
Learn over 60 languages free online through the Loutit District Library website with a valid library card.

Learn a language through the Loutit District Library website with a valid library card.

New to the United States and United States Citizenship

Proliteracy Education Network
Prepare for United States Citizenship

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Citizenship Resource Center
This site has forms, applications, legal resources, study guides and practice tests.

USA Learns Citizenship
U.S. Citizenship Course
This site has a U.S. Citizenship course to help prepare for the citizenship or naturalization interview.

GED Preparation

Union Test Prep
Practice tests, study guides and flash cards.

GED Testing
Official site for the new GED. Provides practice questions and a tutorial for taking the test on a computer.

Driver’s License

Driver’s license practice test for first time applicants & driver’s education program

The DMV Made Easy

State of Michigan Official Site
Driver’s license and state ID services for non-English speaking or residents with a reading disability.

DMV Practice Tests
This site has a free written practice test from the 2018 Michigan driver handbook.

Teaching Aids

1000 free English vocabulary building games.

Soft Schools
Free math worksheets and games, grammar quizzes, phonics worksheets and games. Everything is organizes by grade and topics.

Have Fun Teaching
Make your own flashcards and worksheets.

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